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Uses of free itunes codes?

Uses of free itunes codes?

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One of the best things about iTunes is that it is a gigantic library of songs and albums.  It’s likely to obtain songs from this store together with the help of iTunes codes..  Nonetheless, Apple went one step further.  There are several types of things available in the store .  For this reason, you may gain considerably when you have free iTunes codes .  As such, there is no dearth in regards to uses of free I tunes codes.

Buying Novels
Of course, getting codes that are free is quite simple these days. A number of the potential uses are as follows.  One of the very best applications of free I-tunes codes is in the form of gifts.  You do get all the most recent books, bestsellers and classics .  After all, the codes will enable them to buy anything they desire from the iTunes shop.  This is quite different from getting them some thing genuine as they could already have what you purchased them.

 Purchasing Music
While the number of books may well not be massive, the music group, on the other hand, most certainly is .  In reality, many artists release their new albums and tunes through this shop .  Thus, free I-tunes codes will make sure which you also have new audio to listen to .

Purchasing Video games
This way, you may be capable of unlock distinct things, characters or amounts inside the game, making it more gratifying.  With iTunes codes, you are able to download your favorite novels.  Since many of these games are paid, free iTunes codes permit you to get those games for free .

Purchase Programs
Moreover, buying the novel will ensure it is reachable from any Apple device you are using.  Therefore, it’ll be an excellent investment.  These are just a few of the possible uses of the complimentary iTunes codes that you have.

Sadly, the very best of these options tend to be paid . Naturally, that can not really become an issue if you have I tunes requirements with that in order to buy all of them.

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Gaining More Coins and Gems in Hungry Shark Revolution

Gaining More Coins and Gems in Hungry Shark Revolution

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If you have played Hungry Shark Evolution, you will know that in this game you are the shark who has to eat various things in order to avoid starving. However, you will also have to avoid fishes and objects that are capable of damaging you.

In this game, you will find two types of currencies, the coins and the gems. The coins are considered to be the primary currency. This is used for purchasing most of the things. The second currency is the gem. This is basically used for purchasing all the good things in the game. With the help of the gems, you will able to unlock the sharks and also buy bloodbath power up. And also use hungry shark evolution hack tool.

Tips to Get Gems

If you want to get more coins, you need to do either of the two songs. The first way is to catch a green and fat looking fish. You will find this popping up every now and then. You will come across them in random places but in the darker and deeper parts of the ocean. The more advanced shark you have, the more you come across this kind of fishes. You will also be able to purchase more gems in the store but with real cash.

Tips to Get Coins

There are numerous ways of enhancing the number of coins. One of the easiest and significant ways is to stay alive as long as you can. This will increase the amount of survival bonus. With every minute of your survival, the bonus keeps on increases. The more fish you are eating, the less fish you will be eat later on. Thus, you need to stretch out and eat fish, pelicans, and people.

You can also collect the hidden items in order to collect coins. There are about 15 hidden items in the game. You earn 25 coins for each hidden item.


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Good Beginner Strategy For Clash Royale

Good Beginner Strategy For Clash Royale

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Hello everyone! Today we will be covering a simple yet powerful technique for everyone new to Clash Royale. This strategy also works for anyone in the mid-game area as well. So this should work for anyone from just starting, to a couple of months into playing. This strategy is more or less a guideline for how to construct your deck and make it the most effective you can at lower levels. Knowing these things will give you a big advantage over your opponents in battle, and will help you pass through arenas faster than others.

For this strategy, we have a guideline for creating your deck based around having a good balance between attacking, defending, and having a low enough elixir cost to always have troops on the ready.

The guideline here is that there are three different categories of cards. Within these three different categories are the tanks, the range troops, and the area of effect troops. We will explain these in depth soon. These different categories of troops work together to create a strong defense that is able to counter anything thrown at it in the middle to lower tier arenas. It also has the ability to craft major attacks that can crush your enemy in one swift push.

Some basic cheats for winning Clash Royale battle

In order to win a battle some can make use of Clash Royale cheats which enables users to have unlimited gold and gems.

The tanks: Here we have our tanks, these guys are the biggest troops out of all. They are meant to absorb most of the damage dealt by enemy troops and towers, while keeping the other troops safe and able to continue dealing damage. Examples of these cards are the Knight, and the Giant. These are the main clash royale tanks you will have access to in the lower arenas when you are first starting out in the game, you will later gain access to more but this will have to do for now.

Using tanks for cheats

The range: In the lower tiers you have access to a lot troops that can deal damage from a far. Some of these include spear goblins, archers, and musketeers. These are great for dealing damage in numbers and work good with tanks. They do good damage from range, but have the downfall of being short on health and dying easily.

The Area Of Effect: The area of effect is a special category. These troops are special because they can do damage to more than just one enemy at a time. They give off splash damage, making them ideal for taking out large groups of enemies that have low health. Examples of area of effect troops are bombers, bomb towers, wizards, and witches. These are some of the characters you will have access to early in the game. These are mainly put in the back of a push, this is because they do great damage to many enemies at once but have extremely low health and can almost always be taking out in three or fewer hits.

To format your deck, pick at least two cards from these different categories, try them out, and see what works best. Try to keep your average elixir cost below 4, this will help you have a continuous flow of troops to push towards your enemy with.

We hope this tutorial helped some starting players to format their decks, good luck and Clash on!

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